Introducing ‘Shirts 4 Sao Paulo’

The SKY project

I was lucky enough to follow England around South Africa during the World Cup in 2010. One of the highlights of my trip was a visit to SKY (Soweto Kliptown Youth), a community project in Soweto, Johannesburg. It was a humbling experience to see first hand the amazing work the project does providing support for some of the most neglected children in South Africa.

SKY project

(Children and adults at the SKY project)

A handful of shirts

During my visit to the SKY project in Soweto I donated a handful of my unwanted football shirts. The volunteers at the project were so grateful of my gesture and it was clear to see what such a small offering did for the children and adults at the project. An England away shirt I took with me got particular attention from the children and adults who had gathered around me. I immediately wished I could have taken ten times the amount of shirts.


(Photo of me donating a Port Vale shirt to the SKY project)

Shirts 4 Sao Paulo

At the World Cup in Brazil this summer I want to do more to help organisations where children and adults are not able to experience football like many of us in more economically developed countries can. Football is a global game, and such a simple thing such as a football shirt can help organisations break down social and cultural barriers.

I am hoping to raise the profile of this project by talking to local football clubs, businesses and media. More information on the project and how you can help by donating your unwanted shirts to follow soon.


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