ACE Sao Paulo charity link

Introducing ACER Brasil

‘Shirts 4 Sao Paulo’ partner Kits4Causes have helped establish a link with ACER Brasil. ACER (Association for Support of Children at Risk) is a charity founded in November 1993 to help street children in the central area of São Paulo.

ASER Sao Paulo

In December 2011 ACER started a Football and Citizenship project with a focus of using sports to have a positive social impact. ACER deliver training to teach children and young people about topics such as conflict resolution, peaceful coexistence, increased self-esteem, sexual health, healthy eating and gender among many others.

How ACER use donated football shirts

The ‘Shirts 4 Sao Paulo’ campaign aims to collect hundreds of unwanted football shirts to directly benefit many of the 600 children, adolescents and young adults ACER support in the marginalised community of Eldorado in Sao Paulo.

Football can bring communities together regardless of gender, race or religion. Football shirts increase the self esteem of those who receive them and provide the recipients with a concrete and personal link to a wider world.


Children ACER support at a football tournament, copyright of ACER

During the World Cup I have arranged a visit to ACER to see first hand how the football shirts will be used to change the lives of children and young adults in the local community. I hope fellow England fans will join me to learn about the fantastic work ACER do in the local community and play a game of football against children and adults who will directly benefit from the football shirts donated.

More information

Head on over to ‘How the football shirts be used‘ page for more information on ACER Brasil and how they will use the football shirts donated to help children and young people in Eldorado, Sao Paulo.

How can I donate?

If you are interested in donating your unwanted football shirts head on over to the ‘How can I donate shirts?’ page to find out more.


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