150 shirts, and still counting

Shirt numbers soar

When I started my Shirts4SaoPaulo campaign I didn’t know if it would take off or not. I have been genuinely overwhelmed by the response I have received.

I have been contacted by many individuals through my website and from football clubs who I wrote to, and I have been humbled by the generosity of football fans across the country.

Swansea Spurs

Donations from Swansea City FC and Spurs shirts from Craig Linsdell (@cjl_spark )

So far I have collected over 150 unwanted football shirts. From individuals dropping in unwanted shirts into the Community Arena in Oxford  – to boxes of shirts from Premier League Clubs, every shirt I receive will go to a fantastic cause.

ManUtdA donation from the Manchester United foundation

A sincere thank you to everyone who has donated shirts so far. I aim to dedicate a separate page of my blog to acknowledge everyone who has donated shirts to my campaign. My ambition is to get this online by the end of April.


Over the past month I have had fantastic support In the studio with BBC Malcfrom local media and from the Football Association. I also appealed to England Fans in February at the regular pre-tournament meeting of the London England Fans forum.

I was invited into the studio to chat to Malcolm Boyden on his BBC Oxford radio show. During my ten-minute interview I appealed to listeners to donate shirts and discussed my trip to the World Cup and England’s chances. Malcolm supported my campaign, donating his cherished ‘Dream Inc’ shirt.

The Football Association have also been very supportive of Shirts4SaoPaulo including an article in the match day programme for the recent England v Denmark friendly international at Wembley.

Setting new sights

When I first started the campaign, I set myself a target to collect 200 shirts. There was no real reason for this, it felt like a significant figure but at the same time an achievable target.

Shirts from all across the football league (and beyond) and countries from across Europe are represented in my collection so far. Clubs include Oxford City, Wolves, Spurs, Swansea, Port Vale, Manchester United, Oxford United, Arsenal and many more make up by current collection.

I am not far from reaching my target, however I now want to smash it and collect as many as I can and representing as many different clubs possible.

There is still plenty of time before the World Cup to donate shirts. So if you have unwanted football shirts of any size I will gladly receive and donate them. Every shirt I collect will help to change lives of children and adults in Eldorado, a disadvantaged community in Sao Paulo.

How to donate

If you have unwanted football shirts check out my ‘How to donate‘ page, it would be great to hear from you.



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