Full time on shirt collection

Shirts shippedIMG_2630

I have had to call full time on my Shirts 4 Sao Paulo campaign to collect unwanted football shirts.

With the total number of shirts collected  standing at over 500, I have been thrilled by the response I have received for my campaign. I have been inundated with shirts from individuals, clubs and businesses and when I started my campaign back in January I never expected to top 500 shirts.

box shirts
My next job is to count them up and pack them ready for shipment. All shirts I have collected are being sent to the charity ACER Brasil in advance of the World Cup and my visit on 18 June.

Scores of shirts

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been in touch to support my campaign. I have been genuinely humbled by the donations I have received from across England and the United Kingdom, Europe and from as far away as Canada! It has been an incredible journey and I cannot wait for the next step of my campaign – to donate all the shirts alongside 50 other England fans during the charity visit on 18 June.


 Just a selection of some of the shirts heading to Sao Paulo

I will soon have a page dedicated to everyone who has contributed to my campaign so watch this space.

Limited spaces on charity visit

During the World Cup I am visiting the charity ACER Brasil in Sao Paulo to donate all the football shirts I have collected.

I am organising a trip for 50 fellow England fans to the charity to learn about the work they do to give children and young adults in Eldorado a better start in life. There are a few spaces left on the free visit. If you are travelling out to the World Cup and are in Sao Paulo on Wednesday 18 June, head over to my charity visit page and sign up.

Donating unwanted shirts

Just because my campaign has ended doesn’t mean you have to throw away you unwanted football shirts. Football charity Kits4Causes will gladly receive any unwanted shirt and put it to great use. They have given me fantastic support throughout my campaign and helped put me in touch with ACER Brasil in Sao Paulo. They work in 26 countries round the world, providing equipment and coaching to help change the lives of children and adults in need. So if you have unwanted football shirts, get in touch with them, they will be happy to hear from you.



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