About Shirts4SaoPaulo

Introducing Shirts 4 Sao Paulo

‘Shirts 4 Sao Paulo’ is a campaign to collect hundreds of unwanted football shirts to donate them during the World Cup in 2014 to help children and young adults in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Football charity partner Kits4Causes have helped K4Cestablish a link with charity organisation ACER Brasil who will use the shirts donated to help change the lives of children and young adults in the marginalised community of Eldorado in Sao Paulo. Eldorado is area with high levels of poverty, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment, child abuse and exploitation, and illiteracy.

Why Shirts 4 Sao Paulo?

I have been following England home and away since 2006. One of my highlights following England around South Africa during the World Cup in 2010 was a visit to SKY (Soweto Kliptown Youth), a community project in Soweto, Johannesburg. During my visit to the SKY project in Soweto I donated a handful of my unwanted football shirts. It was a humbling experience to see first hand how such a simple thing as an unwanted football shirt can change lives. I immediately wished I could have taken many more shirts, and at Brazil 2014 I want to do more.


(Photo of me donating a Port Vale shirt to the SKY project)

What the shirts be used for

All collected football shirts will be donated toASER Sao Paulo charity organisation ACER Brasil during the World Cup. ACER will use the shirts to provide vital connections with the local community they support.

The team at ACER, made up of mostly local residents invest in the futures of every child, young person and family they come into contact with at ACER. Jonathan Hannay from ACER explains how the football shirts will be used:

“Football shirts increase the self esteem of those who receive them and provide the recipients with a concrete and personal link to a wider world” Jonathan Hannay, ACER

How you can help

Although my campaign to collect and donate football shirts to ACER Brasil you can still support the organisations great work through their Just Giving page at https://www.justgiving.com/carfuk


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